The tuk-tuk (pronounced “touk touk” [tʌkˌtʌk]) is a motorized Thai or Cambodian tricycle serving generally taxi. they are often made up of a scooter or an old Harley Davidson (if you go in the old town of Sukhothai) extended by a trailer with bench. Appeared in Thailand in the 1930s, tuk-tuks are used in most cities in Southeast Asia. Their name comes from the word tuk (cheap in Thai language) that the drivers repeated that word to attract their customers.

Their impact in the pop culture has been strong during the 80’s to our day that the Italian manufacturer Piagiot who had already marketed the model “Ape Calessino” in 1948 already based on Asian TukTuk to relaunch its manufacture in 2007 and several small manufacturer in Europe launches in the commercialization of tuk tuk with each one specificity: taxi, tourism, Food truck etc … often with electric propulsion.

I chose to do this vehicle in tribute to my mom who lives in Thailand for her retirement, she had submitted the idea to make a tuktuk in 3d during hum3d Car Render Challenge 2018 but I had already started the prepoduction of my Excalibur Phaeton.