La Casa Luna


On June 2, 2013 at 2:57 am, the restaurant “La Vaudaire” near the Vidy campsite was engulfed in flames causing irreparable damage to this wooden building.
This fire is of criminal origin, the perpetrators have never been identified. The destiny of this restaurant remains uncertain. This establishment, belonging to an individual, is located on land owned by the city of Lausanne with a surface right (DDP) until 2055. “La Vaudaire” is currently in a pitiful, even dangerous state and walkers deplore it .

The objectives of the association:
• rebuild a new public and public utility establishment, café-restaurant, workshops, seminar room;
• exercise a commercial activity focused on socio-cultural and united development;
• make this new establishment a veritable platform for living together;
• meet the expectations of the people of Lausanne;
• create a space for sharing, meetings, conviviality and diversity;
• perpetuate this new place and promote it in the Lausanne area;
• preserve the lakeside shores and this case of beauty


La Casa Luna association