Escalibur Phaeton V8


Second participation in a 3d competition of international category: the Humd3d Car Render Chalenge: The competition consisted in creating a 3D model of car, placing it in a 3D environment and creating a fixed rendering. We had the choice of the automobile, whether it was a racing car or an imaginary vehicle.
I am fortunate to have an American Classic car salesman near my home and my attention is fixed on this Phaeton of Excalibur of 1980 (with a modified body). a 7.4 L V8 super-block, 450 hp, automatic transmission, ivory color. However, I opted for a Charleston style (Purple, cream and black) a small tribute to the French 2 CV car.
The idea of ​​marriage came to me after a short search. Indeed, there is no Phaeton of marriage with these shades. This choice also improved my way of modeling flowers and their materials.
The castle courtyard is inspired by a building near my home, after some reference photos, 3D modeling was simple and fast, the colors were changed voluntarily to contrast with the car.